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New Daily: Gauntlet Battles / New Honor Goals

JhamelJhamel ✭✭✭✭✭
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Please introduce a new daily quest that involves gauntlet battles.

1 Battle Completed = 10 Merits
5 Battles Completed = 25'000 Credits
10 Battles Completed = 25 Merits

That would take the daily merits from 215 to 250 ... in my opinion purrfect ameownt, because the shop items of green quality cost exactly 250 merits. Also, a little more credits purr day wouldn't hurt a lot. :)

It would also take up the daily quests to 12 and then the new 200 Honor goal would be to complete 10 out of those 12 daily quests. If you complete all 12 daily quests however, you would get an extra 100 to 200 Honor (your call).
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  • DittoDitto ✭✭✭
    I like this ... as long as they leave the daily target at 10 missions only ... they could bring in other OPTIONS ..
    I for one, liked the 3 daily Voyage dilemmas ... that itself wasn't the problem .. it was the raising of 10 to 11 ..

    They should be giving us OPTIONS .. and allowing us how to go about them .. figure out what we are able to do .. willing to do .. capable of doing .. "today" ...
    Maybe today, I skip the scans ... and complete the voyage dilemmas .. great ..
    Maybe the next few days, I'm running an extra long voyage .. so I'll focus on completing the other dailies instead ...

    Choice is good ... adding more daily options gives us that choice.
    If they can get up to .. say 15+ dailies .. they could (and should) offer daily rewards on a threshold basis:

    5 dailies ...
    10 dailies ...
    15 dailies ...
    etc ...

    Complete what you can ... all good :)
  • Agreed. I was surprised Voyages was added (when there would be issues upon retrieving a 72 hours Voyage, keeping you from attaining your daily Honor) and it seemed like some participation in the Gauntlet would be pretty easy for all to do.
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  • FutureImperfectaFutureImperfecta ✭✭✭✭✭
    Yeah, even if you have absolute jobbers, 5 battles, 5 loss games about 90 second to 2 minutes, twice / thrice a day pending requirements
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