VP bug?

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3th run at 2250. 3 runs with 4 shuttles, where the 2 first runs 1 shuttle failed each time.
Shouldn't i be up to 2750vp shuttle by now?

Edit: i'm looking at the vp mentioned in the reward table of the shuttle.


  • Not necessarily. Fails count for -1.5, where success count as 1. So if you start at 28 successes @2250vp, the first 2 runs net you 6*+1 and 2* -1.5 giving you a total of 31 successes, which keeps you in the 2250 vp range.
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    should've been more clear, but i'm pretty sure i got 10 wins at 2250vp, and i'm still at it.

    When i said '3th run at 2250' i meant in the sense that came back.
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