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Upcoming Trait Modification: Doctor will become Physician

ShanShan admin
edited March 2018 in Starfleet Communications
Greetings, Captains!

With our upcoming server release on Tuesday, March 27th, we will be changing the trait 'Doctor' to 'Physician.' This change better reflects that the trait refers to a medical profession and not to the crew member EMH who is often referred to as ‘The Doctor’ nor any other non-medical doctors.

The trait change will be reflected in the game everywhere the trait 'Doctor' was used including mission nodes. The word 'Doctor' will simply be substituted by the word 'Physician', this will not result in any gameplay change.

However, Dr. Hippocrates Noah will no longer have either the 'Doctor' or 'Physician' trait (as he is not a real doctor of any kind).


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