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Double Rewards Boosts: Reduce to 6 hrs

I find the 'bonus' of 2x rewards not a great trade for 3x the time taken (6hrs worth of bonus for 9hrs)
In that time I can run 3 normal shuttles missions.
So in effect I never use these as I am losing out on the extra rewards of running a normal shuttle mission.
This also makes them useless to me during a Faction event.

Please change the time to match the reward.. and/or add boosts to the list of replicator fuel.


  • DralixDralix ✭✭✭✭✭
    Then there would be no reason not to use them outside of events. There's supposed to be a tradeoff.
  • I don't use the during events, they always fail on me, I use them at noon event days, or not, because of the trade off time lost of the 9hrs but only 2x the rewards if successful. Reducing it to 6 or 7 hrs, then I would probably use them more
  • Would be nice if they were flex boosts ie ÷2 to go for the 0* star items we need 200+ of in certain builds (film reels, holoprograms, etc.) And X2 the way they are now. It would make them more useful but they would have to be balanced for events say 2/6 hr if you cut the time and 3/9 hr if it stays the same. And yes the ÷2 would be for everything trainers, chrons, creds, vp but not item drop totals.
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