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Crew slots as reward for completing the collection of all Rares

Many seasoned players struggle with identical problems, most important of which are
  • crew slots (or rather lack thereof) and the exorbitant cost to increase them
  • lack of usefulness for Rare (blue) characters
  • packs often contain purple or gold characters that are already immortalized, and therefore players won't purchase those packs.

With 199 immortal characters, I am reluctant to purchase any pack except if I know I can use the crew (Purple/Gold) without too much risk. I cannot use the Rare characters anymore except to trade them for 100 honour. And it is too big a risk to get a Super Rare that is already FF or even immortal (I have 78 out of 206 FF) to spend 650 Dilithium on. Purchasing Legendary Beholds with honour contains a risk of obtaining a new character that I have to find room for. This proposal aims to kill two (three?) birds with one stone.

Every time a complete collection of Rare characters is immortalized, players get rewarded with additional crew slots (suggestion: 5). This is not an easy achievement by a long shot and FFFE 72 (unique) Rares must be rewarded with something special.

This would return usefulness for Rare characters to all players, and give them more value for money when purchasing a pack, and it will slightly alleviate the stress some (most) players feel whenever new characters are introduced in an event.

Downside is that honour doesn't accrue as fast as it does now, but 100 honour for a Rare or 200 for a Super Rare is something that is easily overcome by fleet targets and voyages.

I am quite certain this will increase pack purchases and thus revenue for DB.
Most anticipated character not in the game: Mr. Homn


  • I would like to add a modification to this suggestion. I think a better place to add crew slots is in some of the sale packages. For example, recently there was an offer that had crew I really want, but as i have no open crew slots I passed on it. However, if the offer came with an additional crew slot to use if I actually get that desired crew, I would have definitely bought the offer. This would likely bring in additional revenue you are currently missing out on as I’m sure I’m not the only one who has thought this
  • Shy KhanShy Khan ✭✭✭✭✭
    These aren't mutually exclusive suggestions.
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  • True. Both together would be rather awesome
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