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Server Release Notes Trait Change and Fixes - 03/28 - Edited 5:12 PM ET

ShanShan admin
edited March 2018 in Starfleet Communications
Greetings, Captains!

Here are the changes that went live with today's server release:

Trait Modification
• Dr. Hippocrate Noah no longer possess the 'Doctor' trait but is gaining the 'Prodigy' trait. He will remain an eligible crew for the 'Do No Harm' Collection.
• The 'Doctor' trait has been modified to 'Physician'. This change better reflects that the trait refers to a medical profession. There is no impact on game play, including skills, missions, Voyages or the Gauntlet.

Voyages loot tables will now contain the 4* crew that were added to other loot tables on 03/20 and in 10/2017.

Phoenix Cochrane now has his very own ship ability and will no longer use Nurse Kes's. He also fittingly gained the trait 'Pilot'.

Convergence Day Quark: fixed an issue where the recipe for his 4* and 5* outfit were identical. There is now a specific recipe for the 5* outfit, which results in a slight increase in build cost.

Thank you for playing!

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