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Gauntlet Fix

Everyone is complaining about winning at Gauntlet, myself included. This is my pitch to fix it.

Only the attacking player gets the additional critical bonus (+20% +40%, +60%), defending characters retain their 5% bonus.
  • This serves to give players a better chance of winning, feeling better about gauntlet, and playing it more
  • It promotes players who are actively playing, and allows more winning plays rather than 50/50 gambles
  • Hitting a wall of top tier characters (Mirror Phlox, Locutus, etc) will not stop those who have similar characters, or even weaker characters with a bonus
  • Player will no longer have quite as many crazy upsets when a much weaker character wins with a string of criticals.
This would necessitate another change
  • Gauntlet wins only gain the attacking player victory points, and cause no losses for the loser
Otherwise giving the benefit to the active player would be too much.


  • I am against this in so many ways I am not going to write a wot to describe it. Simply said, No!

    It would be much better if DB would change its matching system to prevent seven, locuti, etc. Walls and/or X2 the amount of opponents to choose from.

    But they like it this way it makes them money, so.....
  • I am not complaining about winning at Gauntlet.
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