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Suggested Crew for Timelines - Will update with your suggestions

Post your ideas/suggestions below, and I'll add them to the list as we go.

Star Trek The Animated Series The Next Generation Deep Space 9
  • Teacher Keiko *** Science/Diplomacy/Command
  • Feral Molly **** Security/Diplomacy
  • Jack Pack Jack, Lauren, Patrick and Sarina. ***** Science/Command (with low stats, but very high variance equipment bonus please)
  • Martus Mazur **** El-Aurian (potentially one of Guinan's sons) Diplomacy/Engineering
Voyager Enterprise Discovery


  • Saved for later
  • Banjo1012Banjo1012 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Amanda Rogers
    Totally agree with a Temporal Agent Daniels
    Mirror Mayweather
    Sylvia Gomez
  • re: Jack Pack

    I'd actually rather see DB do something interesting with these guys. Maybe something along the lines of (and this may be a stretch as it would require the ability to have more than 3 attributes):

    Jack - Engineering/Command
    Lauren - Engineering/Diplomacy
    Patrick - Engineering/Science
    Sarina - Medical/science
    Doctor Bashir - Medical/Diplomacy

    3* Combinations (similar to Duras Sisters/Tuvix)
    Jack + Lauren - Eng/Dip/Cmd
    Patrick + Sarina - Med/Eng/Sci

    4* The Jack Pack
    Jack + Lauren & Patrick + Sarina - Eng/Sci/Med/Cmd

    5* Eugenisis
    The Jack Pack + Doctor Bashir - Eng/Med/Sci/Cmd/Dip

    A similar sort of thing could be done with the Think Tank (Bevvox, Kurros, Fennim, the AI, and a new version of Seven)

    SSR Noob
    Spoiler of spoils
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