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Mega Event: Resurgence

An old threat resurges, stronger than ever. The Dominion has returned,lead by an angry leader. Can you Stop them before the Federation is destroyed?

Event One: War and Peace

The Dominion has allied with new factions, but the long for one old ally back, the Romulans. Senator Vreenak, a well known Dominion sympathizer has called for the Romulans to join the Dominion. Can you persuade them otherwise/i]

Event Type: Faction

Event Crew :
● 5* Infected Changeling Founder (new,recurring)
●5* Senator Vreenak (new)
●4* Admiral Picard (existing)
●4* Ambassador Tomalak(new)
● 3* Keevan (existing)
●2* Enterprise-D Picard (existing)

In this event, players will either support the Federation in peace talks, help the Romulans medited the talks with both the Dominion and Federation or assist the Dominion in recruiting the Romulans.

Event Two: The Flames of Rebellion

During the Dominon war, most of the Cardassian Union joined the Dominion again, a small fraction broke off and formed a resistance. This is also true for the Dominion resurgence.Can you help the Cardassian Rebellion cripple the Union?

Event Type: Expedition

Event Crew:
●5* Infected Changeling Founder (new,recurring)
●5* Revolutionary Damar (existing)
●4* Gul Evek (new)
●4* Captian Jellico (new)
●3* Ensign Picard (new)
●2* Glinn Damar (existing)

In this event, players will help the reels attack the Union and overthrow it.

Event Three: Temporary Home

The resurgence of the Dominion is causing the Federation to heavily arm it's borders, but the tactical personnel have nowhere to go. Help them set up stains on planets so the Federation is prepared for an attack

Event Type: Galaxy

Event Crew:
●5* Infected Changeling Founder (new,recurring)
●5* Admiral Nechayev (existing)
●4* Command Hologram(existing)
●4* Captian Rachel Garrett (new)
●3* Ensign Crusher (existing)
●2* Acting Ensign Crusher (existing)

Players will help the officers on the front lines by getting supplies and building shelters.

Event Four: Once More Unto the Breach

It's the time for war, again. The Federation has an army, commanded by three of the Starfleets best captians. Can you help them be victorous?

Event Type: Expedition/Galaxy

Event Crew:
●5* Infected Changeling Founder (new,recurring)
●5* Patriot Sisko (new)
●4* Captian Janeway (existing)
●4* EV Suit Picard (new)
●3* Rifle Janeway (existing)
●2* Promoted Sisko (existing)

In this event, players will attack the Dominion and supply the Federation with what it needs to secure a surrender
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