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Crew slots

With all the new crew lately and that we haven’t had a slot sale in awhile we could use a crew slot sale please


  • Getting 1 to 3 new crew per event we are filling 4 to 12 crew slots per month so more crew slots are needed and slot sale should be more frequent. Currently max slots are 875 and total crew available are 1091. There are 27 common crew and 56 uncommon crew which can be easily immortalized and frozen by players that have been playing for considerate time. There is still need for 133 crew to be immortalized and frozen and the choice is not easy. One could still argue that the 90 rare crew could also be immortalized and frozen but one some occasions I had use for the oddd rare crew, particularly when I go all out in a Faction Event.
  • PeetsPeets ✭✭✭
    I'm betting end this month - beginning next month.
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