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Ship Captain crossover Mega event idea.

We could have a ship crossover Mega event, where ships and crew from one series have appeared in another series or film.

Event one. Who am I to argue?
Captain John Harrison (existing) Bonus Crew.
Nexus Kirk (existing)
Age of Sail Picard 5* (New)
Ensign Demora Sulu 4* (New)

Event two. These are the Voyages.
Troubled Riker 4* (New)
Go to H*ll Tucker 5* (New)
C.O.P. founder archer 4* (existing)

Event three. The badlands.
Ensign Tuvok 2* (existing) from The undiscovered country.
Captain Sulu (existing) bonus crew.

Event four. It's the Enterprise. (Discovery season 2)
Acting Captain Saru 4* (new)
Captain Pike 5* (new)
Number One (new)
Spock. 4* (new)
Talos 4 Spock 3* (existing)

The event would have to tie in with the next season of Discovery.
Event crew would be any Archers, Sarus, Kirks, Picards, Janeways, and Siskos.
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