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Rehashing Ideas: Construction Set for Holoprograms (DB and Captains,) for Starbases, & New Voyages

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Some of My Ideas Rehashed:

1) Construction Set for Creating or Making Our Own Holodeck Programs:
I thought - I'm sure I'm not the first to have these ideas - it'd be nice to create 3D adventures for the Holodeck that others could play
and DB could - of course - make some wonderful ones, as well, making an extensive library of programs. With the right tools and good
imaginations, some fine Holodeck programs would surely be, for many things are possible in the Timelines Galaxy. Many thoughts
come to mind of Star Trek themes and plots. Possibly we could submit ideas for these two things if DB does this, and they can provide
the necessary tools for your Timeline illusory. Objects, places, characters, structures, ships, etc. What may be within the realm
of acceptable to DB. Rewards for successes in a Holo-Adventure. Completion may mean experience toward another level or other

2) Construction Set For Starbases:
Again another construction set suggestion, only design-your-own Starbase. Maybe a good design could lead to better advancing your
crews' abilities. Build your accommodations well. Maybe we could build resources and training areas for the station? It's just a vague
thought, but maybe DB could make it worth doing? Design your own ships comes to mind too: inside and out. I guess someone better
at this than I could think of things that would be great and serve a purpose to add to the station or ship.

3) More To Voyages:
I'd like to see the sights and places we see along the way with greater clarity. Example: Watch a nebula approach, and see your ship go
through it from the Bridge's perspective or point-of-view. Adventures, while on a Voyage, could be similar, as describe above, like the
Holodeck adventures. I realize there may be limitations, but a lot is possible in Timelines.

Sorry for the lengthy ideas, but wanted to be sure they fully got heard. LLAP Future Turen Counterpoint

Admiral Turen Counterpoint at Avalon's Galactic Armada and Captain of the U.S.S. Divinity
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