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Stellar IceStellar Ice ✭✭✭✭✭
It's week 4 of our Vulcan / Romulan Mega Event. We made it!
On "The Fleet Leader Board" with Stellar Ice, we welcome the long awaited Romulan Picard. Oh I'm sorry ... are we interrupting your lunch? Yeah sure ... go ahead and bring your soup along, it's ok.
We also have Mintakan Troi joining us. Oh, it must be laundry day ... yeah why not?
And we also have the pleasure of welcoming Commander Sela. A phaser? Ok, this is getting ridiculous.
And with us for the 4th week in a row is Surak, NOT wearing out his welcome ... at all .....

Please post your fleet rank at event time and I will include it in each day's board.
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