New Position and Open Enrollment, Starbase Level 133, Recruiting for active/daily players.

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We are currently at Level 133 for bonuses.

Level requirement is 50 and you MUST hit your daily missions target (82)

Fleet name "USS THC-420" (the fleet has changed a great deal since it was originally made and we are now "stuck"
with this name).

Current Starbase Bonuses:

Science Core Skill +9%
Engineering Core Skill +9%
Diplomacy Core Skill +10%
Command Core Skill +9%
Security Core Skill +10%
Medical Core Skill +10%
Science Skill Proficiency +10%
Engineering Skill Proficiency +10%
Diplomacy Skill Proficiency +10%
Medical Skill Proficiency +10%
Command Skill Proficiency +10%
Security Skill Proficiency +10%
Max Chronitons +50
Replicator Uses +3
Replicator Credit Cost -10%

As long as you prove to be an ACTIVE PLAYER, completing daily targets will secure you a long time position as an Officer.

Thank you!


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