Open Enrollment, Starbase Level 134 (Complete), Recruiting for active/daily players.



  • Come...
  • join...
  • us...
  • if...
  • you...
  • so...
  • desire.
  • Please play after joining. We have had a bad run of people joining then don't play at all.
  • One spot still open.
  • We now have two open positions.
  • Aaaaand we are back down to one.
  • Another non-player removed today. That space can be yours!
  • The time has come for all good soldiers to join our fleet.
  • Another spot has just opened.
  • Still have that spot open.
  • And yet another spot has opened. This time in my squad. It's a good one!
  • Another spot has opened today.
  • Still holding....
    edited December 2018
    A new spot is opened up today. If you attempt to join and there isn't a spot, please send me a message here or in game and I will get you in (please include your game name). You can also e-mail [email protected] We have a couple players that have quit playing the last few weeks. We are a super active fleet so you will need to be too.
  • Only two spots left.
  • We have the first spot open since the begining of the month. Jump in if you hit your daily targets every day!
  • Another opening just presented itself.
  • Hi Guys,
    I am interested to join, however I am not (yet) fulfilling your reqirements as I just reached lvl 30.
    I am quite new to the game, switched from GOTA, and after my first few weeks in the game I am looking for an active fleet the has enough experience to lift my game to another level.
    Currently I am in a fleet, but half of them seem to be inactive - in the current event I seem to contribute half of the points to my squad - as the lowest ranking officer.
    I am daily active - but I do not invest real money into my games as a principle. I would be glad to hear from you
  • Henning, please let me know your game name and I will send you an invite. We added someone yesterday but he proved to be a non-player so we have an open spot.

    A new opening is up!
    ...and another. Please... active players only. Thank you!!
    Here we go again...
    And another spot is freshly available!
    We have another spot available. Probably the last for a while.
    Another opening is available.
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