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10 Forward Loungers [10F] are recruiting - level 100 starbase

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10F are a social fleet with a focus on daily targets and events. Operating out of a level 100 starbase, we have a group of 10 evenly balanced squads, each led by experienced and dedicated officers who believe wholeheartedly in sharing the benefit of our experiences.

We say 'Give your best, get our best', and on our Discord server you will find a range of resources, including:
Our best chat and banter in The Lounge (once you get our bottender Guinan chatting she doesn't stop)
Our best (and unique) fleet awards in the Hall of Honor (more awards than a Starfleet Academy Graduation ceremony)
Our best hints for Captains of all levels in Tips & Guides (more guidance than a navigational computer hooked up to astrometrics)
Our best supportive and encouraging community of captains in the STT galaxy (you'll have to join us to find out)

We have a minimum level requirement of 30, no expectations on spend, and all we ask is that you give:
Your best daily participation (we have a minimum target of 40 per day)
Your best efforts during events (we regularly place in the top 20 fleets)
Your best communication (we're a friendly, chatty bunch - regularly checking Discord and responding to your squad leader is mandatory)

You can find more information about the fleet on our website.

If you’re interested – and why wouldn’t you be – please join our Discord recruitment channel for a chat.
10 Forward Loungers - Give Your Best, Get Our Best!
Check out our website to find out more:


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