Romulan Encryption Algorithm added to the Romulan faction loot table/store.

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I believe the Romulan faction is the only faction that for whatever the reason doesn't provide us one of their main faction resources the Romulan Encryption Algorithm. Our only way to farm for those is doing cadet missions and a somewhat costly space mission with a low rate of drop for those.

We need tons of those components to craft Romulan based gear and would be great to get from Romulan faction mission their codes, just for the sake of logic here. ¬¬

Also would be great some revision in the number of those items needed to lvl up Romulan characters. It's very cost inefficient to simply lvl up some crew that 99% of the time will be thrown in the cryo vault.


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    Yeah, I have suggested that some time ago as well. Maybe they will add a cheaper (easier to obtain) mission once the Romulan Distress Call is out. But I agree, it would be a lot easier if those would be added to the Faction Store and the loot table of Romulan shuttles.

    The same - by the way - applies to Bajoran PADD's (the basic ones) in the Bajoran store and shuttle pool.
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