Dismiss 'Double Your Crew"-offer.

This is something that has been bothering me for some time now:

When you get a 5* crew, you get an offer to get an additional copy and all equipment/training needed to get that crew to level 50 for $25. Unless you received that offer already for (another) 5* crew in the 72 hours prior to getting the new one.

Personally I think it is one of the better offers, but opinions will differ on this point. Anyway, it is something that I use fairly often.

What does bother me is that it pops up regardless of whether it makes sense or not. If you already have a 4/5 version and the new one you just got fully fuses that crew member I double anyone will take the offer.
With the mega events, this is bound to happen fairly often: a lot of the non-F2P-player will double the recurring 5* in week 1 to get the extra bonus for the next weeks of the mega event, and have a 5/5 in the last week.

I think this 'lack of context' is bad for everyone:
- It's annoying to have that pop-up every time for 12h ...
- It triggers the 72 hours cooldown, regardless of whether you take the offer or not.
This is bad for both the player as well as for DisruptorBeam: it prevents another offer being generated that might actually be appealing to the player and in doing so loses income for DisruptorBeam.

Proposed solution:
Add a possibility to 'dismiss' the offer and in doing so unset the 72h countdown. Being a software engineer myself, it seems like something that should be straight forward enough to implement, all data is available to the game.
This 'option to dismiss' should be available for at least the offers where the player already has the 5 copies of the crew member involved as this is something that most definately cuts into DisruptorBeams revenue.
But might be interesting on all 'Double Your Crew'-offers, giving players more versatility on what offers to take or not ...

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