Daedalus is recruiting

Are we the best? Nope. Are we the brightest? Um...probably not. What we are is active, diligent and looking for new members. We help each other out, and our starbase is at level 34. We have 13 slots open currently, and squad leaders looking to fill out their squads. Inactive members are regularly pruned to give the fleet the best potential in playing the game.

Just hit the fleet button and search for Daedalus. There we be!


  • 11 slots still open.
  • And 11 slots are still open!
  • 10 slots remain to be filled!
  • Hi, Im a lvl62 player, 4 shuttles, i login every day and Im wanting to join decent fleet with good star base contributions. Im currently in TUGA and without a fleet, please can you send me an invite to join your fleet thanks.
  • Opps sorry, forgot to dd my player name: Philip C Wilce

  • I tried a search on your player name and it isn't bringing you up. Can you try a search for Daedalus in the fleet function?
  • 8 spaces remain.
  • We still have 8 spaces available for active players looking for a fleet.
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