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October Q/A with Admiral Prince!



  • Okay, this is perhaps a little inappropriate, but I have to know:

    Why does the Locutus art have a more prominent bust than 2 out of 3 assimilated female characters (arguably all 3)?
  • Disruptor Beam advertises on STT's front page: "Assemble a crew of YOUR favorite characters.."

    What are your plans for fulfilling this advertisement going forward - Will you up the element of choice/fun by making portal pull super-rares and legendaries into beholds? Thanks. :)

    (After the borg pack where I received two duplicates of the only crew who I already had FF out of the 9 available, it's not wise for me to buy more packs like this until the 4*s and 5*s are changed to beholds.)

    Additional (but not in substitution) to making portal 4*s and 5*s beholds: since the system recognizes when a crew is already FF in beholds, please program it to not give duplicate options in beholds. This way it wouldn't penalize loyal longterm players/customers. And/or make 4* and 5* dismissals worth something.
  • When can we see some TOS captains become characters, like Captain Tracy, Commodore Decker, and Commodore Wesley? Or even Commodore Stone?
  • As the premise is timelines intermeshing... how about branching out to Babylon 5 or Space 1999 and other sci fi shows that are not Startrek strictly but Startrek inspired. Though case may be made that Babylon 5 may have inspired DS9 :-)
  • Since there now are so many crew in the standard premium portal packs causing dilution, would it be possible to split them into separate Eras?

    Perhaps an Enterprise/TOS/TAS/Discovery "Classic Generation Pack"
    TNG/DS9/Voyager "Future Generation Pack"

    Just thinking this would help all players in at least getting crew more to their liking.
  • IrialIrial ✭✭✭✭
    Regarding the Honor Hall, many players have now acquired both Kahless the Unforgettable and Stargazer Picard, and are accumulating a substantial amount of additional Honor. Before we go and spend it on Citations/Beholds/etc., it would be helpful to know whether we should perhaps be saving our Honor for other characters that might uniquely be offered to us only through an Honor Hall purchase. Will you in the future be adding any other characters for purchase exclusively through the Honor Hall, as was the case with Kahless?
  • My biggest complaint is the inequality for replicating items. If I need to get a two-star item it shouldn't require me to use 76 existing similar items to acquire it. 2:1 ratio, or even 4:1, yes, but 76:1 is just ridiculous.

    You've received lots of good comments from players by opening up this channel. Thanks for doing it. I really like the setting of the game. It has a good Star Trek feel to it, and is very engaging.
  • PhdPhd ✭✭
    Please could you update the Behold Interface to allow you to close the panel to be collected at a later time, allowing the game to continue, and allowing us access to our current crew roster and in game Chat facilities. I've recently been lucky enough to open 2 x 5* Beholds, and at my level with only a few 5* crew in my roster, it is a big decision to make on selecting the correct crew to add. I had to resort to posting on the forums and PM my fleet leader, and was unable to continue the game, whilst waiting for a response. I therefore missed out on collecting / sending shuttles, and voyages. I'm sure others have been in the same situation, given the number of requests on the forum seeking advice on choosing the correct crew member from a Behold. Hopefully, you this is something you can add in the near future.
  • Can you please work on the freezer? we desperately need some sorting system to look through all crew. i can't keep scrolling 5 minutes every time i need to search for 1 specific member.
    maybe like searching for name or traits like you have done with the crew we actually use. or rarity or....
  • One that comes up as we get our latest 5s crew member in Tily...

    Why have almost all recent additions to the 5s (and 4s for that matter) roster been two-skill classes? The last couple I see which aren't in that boat are Zhiant'ara Odo and Romulan Data. Otherwise, it feels like most of them including all of the Discovery event crew, are only rocking two stats (especially when three would make far more sense... like with Stamets - I mean how do you have a chief engineer without an engineering skill?).

    I get trying to balance out power creep in certain modes, but most recent crew lack the utility of other 5s cards in Voyages, the latest addition to the game. Just feels like the stats are nearly assigned randomly at this point.
  • Hi Shan/Erin.

    For my question, I am going to post my latest "ticket" so that you get a flavour of why people are getting so annoyed/disinterested with your game.

    "Hi, I don't mean to sound ungrateful but an empty gift is an empty gift. On 19th October DB sent a message about fixes (I bet the issue with the time portal not displaying graphics still hasn't been fixed nearly a year later, but I digress) within this message was a gift of 250 chronitons which, as I had a supply pack running, I gleefully claimed. Nothing happened. So as I've often done I logged out and reloaded, sitting through the minute long load. I was then presented with 99 chronitons which was 151 short. Puzzling. So I logged back out and sat through the intro again. I was then presented with zero chronitons - even the 99 had now disappeared! This is getting tedious and boring. Constant bugs even when it's supposed to be a nice gift. I still have an unanswered ticket from a month ago so I guess I should wish you a Merry Christmas despite my sending this on October 19th. All the best!"

    This game had so much potential and people were literally willing to throw their cash at you if you got your house in order. But I for one am sick of banging my head against a brick wall and will look for somewhere else to spend my money. The Time Portal not displaying graphics bug is particularly costly to your company as we cannot see what we are receiving. That is fine until - get a behold, get locked out. Surely eight months is time enough to solve this?! I get the feeling that your "support staff" are in fact a "development firewall" keeping these issues from you and throwing chronitons at the player base in order to placate them. A terrible business model.
  • Will Disruptor Beam help support the wiki a little better? (i.e. Add stats to characters missing stats; perhaps add a formula for how stats are calculated, if thats not confidential; Confirm some formulas already being used on the wiki, such as the star base bonus formula we are using, and confirming it is accurate; etc.)
    /SSR/ Titan
    Star Trek Timelines Wiki - Wiki Bureaucrat
  • For mobile device players: it would be great if the whole game could be shifted to an external storage, since it is very space-consuming!
  • My "Daily Missions" tab always has at least 1 notification indicating that I have one unclaimed completed mission / achievement. This 1 notification has been there for a couple of months (or at least it feels like it). Is there any way to fix?
    STT_Junkie wrote: »
    What is the future of starbase upgrade materials. Once all rooms are complete are these just a waste?
    sorinev wrote: »
    Will Support ever get certain tools that they desperately need to resolve tickets as quickly as possible?
    For example, the erroneous missing star on some missions that prevent it from being warpable, even though all rewards have been completed and all difficulty levels have been completed? I have a missing star on Operation Isolate on normal difficulty, despite that I've completed all difficulty levels and obtained all rares. Meaning, I can't warp it. This should honestly not be more than a simple manipulation of at least one, maybe a few cells in the database. There are many other player issues that fall into this same category that go unaddressed for months on end because Support does not have the proper tools, or, at least, the proper access.
    What should we as players make of the recent layoffs, which affected the majority of DB team members who were known to us through the forum? From the outside looking in, it calls into question the stability and shelf life of this game. (Though in fairness, the stability and shelf life of everything in 2017 is in question.)
    Mordack wrote: »
    When can we expect to see improved Inventory UI?
    furyd wrote: »
    Are there any plans to fix the issue where you can be offered three fully fused characters in a behold from a paid for portal pull? Currently this is a disincentive to spend money on the game.
    Pallidyne wrote: »
    Regarding Item Limits: In the past we were unable to craft. Now we randomly will lose an item if we go over the 1000 item limit in our inventory. What plans are there to notify us when we have something that we are in danger of losing?
    El Marto wrote: »
    Are you aware that the game eats through a phone's battery life super quickly? Can you explain why and is there something in the works to try to fix this?
    Is there any plan to ditch the crew space limit? I’ve bought a few upgrades, but no where near the number of packs I’ve bought, and it just seems counterintuitive (surely DB could make more off of people buying more packs, due to unlimited space, than by forcing people to hold off due to lack thereof.)
    When are we going to actually get some honest answers, instead of a bunch of tap dancing, and smoke and mirrors BS stories? If you want our money, I think it is time there was a little real honesty about where the game is going and when a lot of the issues that have been prevalent for OVER A YEAR are going to be dealt with.
    The list could be longer, but let's stop here...
  • bluehawk1976bluehawk1976 ✭✭
    edited October 2017
    My question is about event frequency - it's too much - I thought it was just me but people in fleet complain as well - we don't have time to level our characters and events take most of the week - 5 days out of seven - will you reduce the frequency to something more tolerable - like once every 3 weeks?
    Personally, it makes me want to skip events and even not log on at all since even if you skip the event will "chase" you for the entire 5 days.
    To be clear - I'm not talking about Mega events - those are fine as long as we get respites afterward.
  • Is there any plan to introduce Spot as a captain avatar in game?

    Not a very pressing matter, I know, but hey, figured I'd throw it out there as my 1 question since most other high-level stuff I'd thought of has been asked already.

  • (HGH)Apollo(HGH)Apollo ✭✭✭✭✭
    My question is about event frequency - it's too much - I thought it was just me but people in fleet complain as well - we don't have time to level our characters and events take most of the week - 5 days out of seven - will you reduce the frequency to something more tolerable - like once every 3 weeks?
    Personally, it makes me want to skip events and even not log on at all since even if you skip the event will "chase" you for the entire 5 days.
    To be clear - I'm not talking about Mega events - those are fine as long as we get respites afterward.
    Ewww no. Skip events if you want but I like the events. Voyages give you enough chrons and replicator rations you can lvl up crew.
  • If anything, credits are the bottleneck for leveling up crew at this point, since they're the one thing you can't easily accelerate outside of Dil or Saturday cadet missions.
  • [BL] Q wrote: »
    Are there any plans to rebalance event rewards?

    The solo ranked rewards are effectively the same for 26-1000 and anybody who does well enough to rank that high likely already has the rewards they're trying to win. Buying event packs at the start of the event feels pointless, they're supposed to help with the event, but why play it at all if you already have the end rewards? New threshold rewards also need to be added for higher VP levels, as most events finish well outside the top threshold reward at this point.

    I suggested previously that the top 25 in events be rewarded The following events crew. To get to top 25 you have to spend anyway regardless of bonuses from crew it's very competitive at that level this avoids the top whales getting Dupes and gives them an advantage at first to Max can you hear the sound that cash register is making?

    TO get the rewards we have to buy the packs...so all our rewards end up getting thrown out for honor points. Not much of an incentive.
  • AGEoftheGEEKAGEoftheGEEK ✭✭
    edited October 2017
    Have you considered allowing all squads to share crew members for an added bonus on events? This would encourage each member to obtain and advance relevant members, and allow for more squad interaction if desired. The shared event dynamics could be changed for different events; ie. 5 different versions of Picard, only Discovery Crew, Klingons Only, Only certain Traits, Only Legendary. This allows another layer for advanced players and makes the game more interactive. Also, monetarily, we pressure each other to buy more and do better, so our squads have the best advantages for each event.
  • who bought STT from you, Erin, and why?
  • Okay, this is perhaps a little inappropriate, but I have to know:

    Why does the Locutus art have a more prominent bust than 2 out of 3 assimilated female characters (arguably all 3)?

    We (by which I mean people on the forums) found a photo of the old Locutus action figure, and we think that's where it came from:

  • Would you consider adding something similar to the "costumes" another scifi-licensed game (in that case, a Match 3 game) uses to give people more looks for a given character without changing stats or taking up more slots?
  • Why is it still a disadvantage to be from Europe when it comes to receive for exaple fleet rewards cause it refreshes in the middle of the night and it may take until closer to deadline till all dailies are done? It could be solved easely by sending in in game mail. I lost hundreds of chrons and honor.
  • Thrilled to hear that performance improvements and bug fixes are the top priority now. It makes otherwise a great game fairly annoying (constant loading, terrible battery drain, lags, bug in voyages when the ship traits or featured skills are not respected etc.).

    I want to believe you are really committed!
  • Will you or can you fix this?






  • As I can't get a clear answer from Support, hopefully you can answer my question:

    In order to get a rare reward in an away team mission, I need to clear a threshold that's higher than the normal success threshold. I call this the critical success threshold. With Epic missions on Episodes 6 and 7, you need crew with high numbers and sometimes also specific traits. So in order to ensure that I train the right crew to get a rare reward on a particular away team mission, it's vital to me to know what number I need to hit to obtain the rare reward.

    The wiki tells me everything about the mission: what the threshold is of a normal success rate, which traits are beneficial, which traits are mandatory, and this information I can cross-reference with the crew member stats. But there is NO information on what I need to hit the critical threshold and make sure I get the rare reward. This is very frustrating as I try to find the right crew to level.

    An example to make my request more clear:
    For the node Remove Restrictions , I need a crew member with Romulan and/or Communicator that can hit 860 DIP to pass the node. With that information, I can look up on the wiki that Alidar Jarok has the Romulan trait, but can only hit 793 DIP at maximum. I need 860 DIP to pass the node, but with the help of the trait bonus which he receives, giving him a 215 point bonus, he is able to pass the node, as his lowest roll will be 604+64+215, which equals 883. His highest roll would be 604+189+215 for this node, which equals 1008. This is information I can get from the game and the wiki.

    Now, I also see that there is a rare reward. But it will take more than 860 DIP to get that. How much more, I don't know. If it's a 10% markup from the normal success rate, that would amount to 946, which Alidar Jarok may pass (with a few tries). If it's a 30% markup, that would amount to 1118, which he will never pass. So how do I know it's worthwhile to level Alidar Jarok to FF/FE in order to get this rare reward?

    How do I know which crew member is worth levelling to get any particular rare reward that is locked with a specific trait in the game? Can you please tell me (and the whole community) how to calculate the critical success threshold and obtain the critical reward, so that we can actually start looking for the right crew to level? I can't understand why this is such a close guarded secret, but any information that would help us out would be extremely welcome.
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