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Double Billing


I went ahead a purchased the cadet offer today, the one for chrons and honour, and you can imagine my surprise when I received my receipt from Apple to discover that I had been billed twice for the item.

I have noticed this issue once or twice before, but figured I might have been misremembering or perhaps was being given a late receipt for a purchase made days earlier; but given that the last thing I bought was a Commander offer during the last event (which I could see properly in my purchase history), I knew this had to be a case of double billing.

I had remedied the matter with Apple, but I'm curious to know if DB is doing anything to make this event less likely in the future; I'd prefer to not have to go through every purchase with a fine tooth-comb to know if I'd been billed twice for the same item.



  • ShanShan admin

    2 things:

    - when thinking that you might have been double charged upon receiving a receipt from Apple, always double check your purchase history. Apple/iTunes's receipts often group purchases made at completely different dates without providing said dates.

    - we know that it can indeed happen to be double billed and we are always making sure to improve our flow to limit this from happening.
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