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Crew Sorting : Minor Request

FlemmingFlemming ✭✭✭✭✭
It might be just me, but the Alphabetical Sorting of the Crew Roster is non-intuitive.
In some cases, it is the first letter of the character name, in some its the first letter of the character's last name (which is three or more words into the field).
For an alphabetical listing of the Crew Roster, I would suggest a standard first letter of the first word, just like Excel would do (which many of us use to coordinate our stats outside of the game)

If people want a grouping by character (which I also would endorse), create a sort based on that as well. (Or leave the search field option, which is my method for by character/trait/whatever)
Intentionally Left Blank


  • A costum grouping would be nice too. Then you can group whatever chars together, for whatever reason makes sense to you.
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