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Perhaps he is running from a Pirate? ("Eyepatch" should say "Jake's Water Rations")

Its not a big bug, but i was wondering if he was running a from a Pirate he stole an eyepatch from....

so to be clear on this bug report.

The item labeled as "*** Eyepatch" on the "double your crew" offer for "War Correspondent Jake Sisko"
should be labled as "*** Jake's Water Rations"

NOTE clicking on the item does display the proper "*** Jake's Water Rations" so this my just be a typo on the "double your crew" display screen.

And purchasing it, should be confirmed that you get the water rations as opposed to an Eyepatch.


  • [S14] Elynduil[S14] Elynduil ✭✭✭✭
    edited May 2018
    Probably the "short name" for the item is incorrect. (They duplicated an existing item and changed the new copy's properties, including "long name" and image, but neglected to edit the "short name" field.)
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