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Trouble starting up in Facebook

I'm playing in Facebook (Chrome 66.0.3359.181, MacOS 10.13.4), and about 20% of the time during the start-up of the game, when I reach the splash-screen and the music starts, the game hangs before the Q sound clip ever plays and the following error message pops up:

An embedded page at stt.disruptorbeam.com says

An error occurred running the Unity content on this page. See your browser's JavaScript console for more info. The error was:

Uncaught abort() at Error
at jsStackTrace (blob:https://stt.disruptorbeam.com/0643eb71-626a-41d6-a437-5740fcd1b175:1:22814)
at stackTrace (blob:https://stt.disruptorbeam.com/0643eb71-626a-41d6-a437-5740fcd1b175:1:22997)
at ObjectAbort (blob:https://stt.disruptorbeam.com/0643eb71-626a-41d6-a437-5740fcd1b175:84:58602)
at _abort (blob:https://stt.disruptorbeam.com/0643eb71-626a-41d6-a437-5740fcd1b175:1:191577)
at NQB (blob:https://stt.disruptorbeam.com/0643eb71-626a-41d6-a437-5740fcd1b175:73:310920)
at LOB (blob:https://stt.disruptorbeam.com/0643eb71-626a-41d6-a437-5740fcd1b175:73:226322)
at eRB (blob:https://stt.disruptorbeam.com/0643eb71-626a-41d6-a437-5740fcd1b175:73:332275)
at Jjb (blob:https://stt.disruptorbeam.com/0643eb71-626a-41d6-a437-5740fcd1b175:44:128953)
at T$b (blob:https://stt.disruptorbeam.com/0643eb71-626a-41d6-a437-5740fcd1b175:21:48959)
at U$b (blob:https://stt.disruptorbeam.com/0643eb71-626a-41d6-a437-5740fcd1b175:21:49368)

If this abort() is unexpected, build with -s ASSERTIONS=1 which can give more...

There may be minor errors in the error message I posted as I had to transcribe it by hand - copy/paste wouldn't work on the error dialog box. Also, it appears that the addresses listed above are different each time the error message appears.

Each time the message appears I simply refresh the page in Chrome and the game loads normally. However, it's an annoyance to have it happen so frequently. Any help would be appreciated.


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