QoL Request - Type name of items when replicating

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I'm not even sure if this is a quality of life issue or completely nessesary. We have a 1,000 item limit. I have a feeling items disappear if you are over that limit. I have had some unexplained items disappear I do not remember using.

The only way we can get rid of items is throwing them in the replicator. However, this is a huge problem because so many items share icons and there is no description in the replicator. I do not know what I am getting rid of.

Even if I go to inventory and see what it is, because of shared icons (and different organization - very hard to find), I have no idea what is what.

This is a very time consuming process and I am at the mercy of what the game chooses to delete. Even if I submit a support ticket to get those items back, what's to say they do not get deleted again?

I lose items and have no way to fix it. This is a nessesary change!

EDIT - Also, stop giving random items on Dabo and Gauntlet. it would be nice to hang onto things like this but what it does is add an item to inventory you don't need and kicks out an item you do.


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    Indeed it is.
  • Agreed. I spent an unbearable amount of time doing this too. When a char is FE, I have to go through the inventory to find and chuck all of his unique items, that I might have got two of. It would be SOOOO much easier, if there was a mouse-over or "press to view" feature, that showed me the name of the item in the replicator window.
  • Have posted a thread similar to this myself. It would be great to see the name of exactly what we are throwing into the replicator as so many items look alike.
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    +1 to the motion
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