Design Competition

Perhaps this has been suggested before, but I can't find anything like this...

There are lots of equipment icons/thumbnails that are not unique, and merely show a generic version of something (eg. Human Q's Clothing) or has a duplicate icon of another item (eg. Uhura's Armband vs Vina's Armband), causing confusion.

My assumption is that the biggest hurdle to fixing this is producing the artwork needed.

How about running a (monthly?) competition wherein players, who so desire, can participate by picking an icon they think can be improved, and submitting design art for that particular icon as their entry. All approved designs that meet the standard and criteria required, can then be rewarded by a helping of dilithium, with maybe larger prizes for the winning entry and the first and second runners-up. It doesn't have to huge prizes, but make it decent, at least. Dilithium doesn't actually cost the devs anything, especially since the players who would likely take the time to participate probably wouldn't have been buying loads of it anyway under any circumstance.

No added coding will be needed for this. The competition can be publicised via in-game mail and on social media, and entries could be submitted via email, or perhaps via social media upload as well... depending on the resolution required. All that would remain for DB to do is the judging, and uploading the accepted entries into their system.

This would kill two birds with one stone, by:
a) addressing a long-standing complaint about confusing and bland item images, and
b) creating a bit of excitement for artistically-minded among the player base.

There is hardly any downside that I can see... Make it so!
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