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Server release notes - 06/06

We are excited to announce that Shuttle Missions have been revamped. The changes are being released to all players today, June 6, 2018.

The list of Shuttle Mission changes includes:

- Renamed outcome: "Mission Fail" is now called "Mission Concluded".
- Visual update: The "Mission Success" outcome has a new, more exciting look; the "Mission Concluded" outcome will use the former "Mission Success" visuals.
- UI change: The UI now displays that, even when you have no crew whose skills match a particular Shuttle Mission, there is a greater-than-zero chance of success.
- Rewards change: Rewards for both Event and Faction Shuttle Missions with the "Mission Concluded" outcome will increase at higher difficulty tiers.

To celebrate, we are also introducing the limited-time Express Delivery pack! This pack can be found in the Time Portal and contains Faction Items and Transmissions. Each pack is a 10x pull. All players will receive 10 pulls for FREE. The pack expires on June 13, 2018, at 12 noon ET (16:00 UTC).

Additionally, the following changes have gone live today:
- Command Uniform Khan has been renamed to Starfleet Uniform Khan.
- Borg Scout Ship has been renamed to Borg Cube.
- Smitten Jean-Luc Picard now has the Musician trait.
- Florist Q can now be used in Sunday's Cadet Challenges.

Thank you for playing!

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