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Severe Fleet\Squad problem

Okay i want to share this here.. @Shan or anyone else who can quickly help resolve this as it seems that support has no clue... We put in a ticket because our squad leader could not pass leadership to me. The next thing our squad knows we are all labeled "Not in Squad" and the squad is gone from the list. However when any of the members of the squad go to Chat... the squad chat is still there. None of us can create a squad now and none of us can leave the fleet. (that part is a bit discerning) anyhow they support said that you cannot pass leadership to an officer... which made no sense and to be honest i think it is not true as one of our squad members passed leadership to another officer that was not me. If nothing else can i get someone to disband the squad so that maybe i can get the rest of my squad unstuck from this mess before the event starts?


  • WizzdomeWizzdome ✭✭✭
    Also we can all join another squad, but when we do our original squad chat remains. I am not sure if this is just our fleet as we have been furiously trying to solve this in fleet chat and have not had much time to try and discuss it with other players.
  • ShanShan admin
    I am sorry you are finding yourself in this situation. I see that it is being worked on.
  • WizzdomeWizzdome ✭✭✭
    yeah sorted out finally thank you
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