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  • ·§ë· For the Many·§ë· For the Many ✭✭✭✭✭
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    We've a couple spots! Reliable crew sharing and easy communication, a friendly environment and helping one another. We share STT news, tips and resources in our Discord server. We rank highly in events. Life happenings and vacations just let us know. :star:base Level 116

    Interested in building from the ground up and progressing with us? We're expanding our community with a new Subspace Eddies fleet! Level 17 with industrial replicator.

    Some things:
    - have or prioritize acquiring the 4th shuttle
    - desire to do well in events especially factions and skirmishes
    - easy to communicate with
    - like to keep informed
    - enjoy contributing together, donate every day
    - be a person (not an automaton)
    - be nice!

    For more infos and intros, DM or add me on Discord: ForTheMany#1676
  • ·§ë· For the Many·§ë· For the Many ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited January 2019
    Bump! A spot or few are available. :star:base level 120, all fleet targets met very early each day. Competitive/very active in an easy amiable space.
    Our new fleet has grown to 2 squadrons and :star:base level 20. Welcome newer players and experienced captains to build with us!
    Send a DM or add me on Discord: ForTheMany#1676
    ... .- ...- . / - .... . / .-- .... .- .-.. . ... / ... .- ...- . / - .... . / ... -. .- .. .-.. ...
  • ·§ë· For the Many·§ë· For the Many ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited January 2019
    ·§ë· are looking for an active captain who enjoys competing in events and playing daily. Keep informed and make merry in our friendly server on Discord, full of game resources, news, and folks from around the world. Both chatty and quiet types are welcome. All VIP levels F2P to 14+. Collectively we rank very highly in all event types, especially skirmishes - though it's for each of us to choose our favourites!
    -.. .. ..-. -....- - --- .-.
    Great reliable crew sharing. Solid/flexible leadership and squads
    We meet all our fleet targets super early each day. :star: Starbase level 121
    .... . ....
    If freshly starting out on your journey and would like to join a growing group within a larger helpful community, inquire about our new fleet! You can expect the same reliable crew sharing. With your help we can hit our dailies and build up the level 21 Starbase (focusing on Replicator). Seasoned captains seeking a casual-active experience welcome aboard too.
    ... -- ..- ... -- .-
    Send a message for more infos & intros! Discord: ForTheMany#1676
  • ccx9n0eyu2m2.gif

    Good day; we've a couple spots available. :star: Starbase level 123. much good stuff!
    Say hi on Discord: ForTheMany#1676
  • ·§ë· For the Many·§ë· For the Many ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited January 2019
    Hey! We have a spot or two available in Subspace Eddies. Fly with our friendly fun competitive active crew. :star:base level 126, all targets met super early, convenient informative Discord server with All The Things.

    New captain and looking for a space with tips tricks, helpful fleetmates and good crew shares? Join our new fleet! Now Starbase 28 with level 2 Industrial Replicator. :grin:

    Say hi here or on Discord: ForTheMany#1676
  • ·§ë· For the Many·§ë· For the Many ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited November 2018
    Good day, we seek an awesome active fun competitive captain or few. We hail from across the galaxy, of all experience levels, sharing strategy and tips in our friendly Communications Array. Collectively we have high participation and rank in all event types. Squads are solid and flexible, always good reliable crew sharing to help everyone reach their goals.

    Welcome chatty or quiet, with easy communication (let me know of vacation, responsive to your squad if you're leader). In-game messages don't appear for many fleet mates, so we use Discord, and it's made all the difference for us!

    No spending reqs; we're home to great captains of all VIP levels from F2P to VIP14+. Have fun, do your best, be kind with other another. :star: Donate daily to our level 127 Starbase!

    Add on Discord: ForTheMany#1676
    --- -. / .- / -- --- - . / --- ..-. / -.. ..- ... - / ... ..- ... .--. . -. -.. . -.. / .. -. / .- / ... ..- -. -... . .- --
  • nt34u381tfzp.jpg
    All core skill rooms are now maxed in our level 128 Starbase! Congrats fleet! :smiley:
    We've a few spots available in our most awesome collective.
    Say hi in DM here or on Discord! ForTheMany#1676
  • ·§ë· For the Many·§ë· For the Many ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited December 2018
    Starbase level 130. All The Things! Send greetings here or on Discord: ForTheMany#1676
  • Hi Guys,
    I am interested to join,
    I am quite new to the game, switched from GOTA, just reache lvl 30 and after my first few weeks in the game I am looking for an active fleet the has enough experience to lift my game to another level. I first wanted to see if I like the game for a longer period or will abandon it after a few days.
    Currently I am in a fleet, but half of them seem to be inactive - in the current event I seem to contribute half of the points to my squad - as the lowest ranking officer.
    I am daily active - but I do not invest real money into my games as a principle. I would be glad to hear from you
  • Hi @Henning1105 Happy New Year! I’ve sent you a message. Welcome to STT. We definitely have lots of helpful and experienced captains to get started with and you can join an active squad. FTP is all good here, we're VIP0-14. :smile:
  • Hello! We've an availability. Rockin all event types, friendly space, at Starbase level 133. Just one more room to max!

    Our new fleet is at level 37, and maxed the Industrial Replicator! Solid squads with great reliable crew sharing and helpful captains of all levels. Join us today. :star:
  • Seeking one awesome engaged fleet mate to join us aboard our

    Maxed Starbase! :star: Level 134 :star: Maxed Starbase!

    Here is what members are saying about it:
    "Yay buttons!!!"
    "Best damn fleet in the game. You'll love it here."
    "So I guess we just make replicator rations until we're dead."

    That's right! That's what we're gonna do! And all this can be yours.

    Say hi in DM here or on Discord at ForTheMany#1676
  • 8dc4bon82fex.jpg
    We're looking for active Captains of all levels to join our fast growing new base! It's at level 45, maxed Industrial Replicator, never short for holoemitters. We have a strong core of new and veteran players supporting the base and each squadron with good reliable crew sharing! No spending requirements, we're VIP0 to VIP14. It's possible to assimilate a small fleet or a couple squads.

    • Join our communications array on Discord. Fleet and community tools, resources, bots, and helpful experienced captains from both bases. In game chat **tsk tsk**. External ops have made all the difference for us! :smiley:
    • It's not required to be talkative but be contactable
    • Let us know if you're taking a break
    • Contribute with daily goals and the Starbase
    • Sport a tag any way you like, •§ë• or custom
    • Be respectful and awesome to one another!

    Discord: ForTheMany#1676

  • Seven of One Seven of One ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hahahaha that gif is absolute quality 👏 👏 👏
    Ten Forward Loungers - Give Your Best, Get Our Best!
    Check out our website to find out more:
  • ·§ë· For the Many·§ë· For the Many ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited May 2019
    Hahahaha that gif is absolute quality 👏 👏 👏
    Yes! :smiley: Kudos for the creator wherever they are!
  • ·§ë· For the Many·§ë· For the Many ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited March 2019

    Greetings! Join our fast growing level 52 :star:base for daily active new and experienced captains levels 30+. We're always happy to help one another learn and achieve our goals! Friendly and supportive crew in our shared Discord communications array. We can possibly adopt a full squad or two.

    Add me on Discord to get started at: ForTheMany#1676
  • i1enzec59hj6.jpg
    Looking for active captains or a couple squads to join our crew!

    - Level 60 Starbase
    - All fleet targets are finished each day, save the final chrons; you can help us reach it!
    - Great crew sharing in each squad for faction events
    - Welcome daily active new and experienced captains, with any event goals casual to competitive
    - Welcome all VIP levels 0 to 14, no spending requirements
    - Discord server for easy reliable fleet communications + tons of STT resources and tools, friendly helpful fleet mates to learn and progress through the game.
    - Respectful chill environment for all.

    Send a DM or add on Discord at: ForTheMany#1676
    Thanks! I\\//
  • cobci2cgc53c.jpg
    Hello! Our most awesome fleets have availability. Starbases 65 + maxed (134). Great reliable crew sharing in each squad, easy communication, friendly and strategic space, Discord server with all the things.
    DM/add me on Discord at: ForTheMany#1676
  • ·§ë· For the Many·§ë· For the Many ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited July 2019
    Good day! We've one spot in our maxed level 134 base for an experienced captain who likes to play events actively, enjoys competition in an easy going (friendly, drama-free) environment. No specific rank requirements or to go hard in any event. No spending requirements, we are VIP0/F2P to VIP14+ and familiar with the different techniques. Taking a break? Real life? Great! Just let us know.

    We seek enthusiastic captains of all levels for our quickly growing level 77 base! In the growing base, all fleet honor targets are met each day including faction missions, and we're inching closer to the final chrons threshold. You can make the difference!

    Are you a small group of friends trying to start a base, difficult to get it going? Consider merging with a stable and active, yet low hassle fleet where we're all officers and all have a say. Remain with buddies in your squad formations or swap around as you like.

    We take care to have great reliable crew sharing for events in both bases, in every squadron. It's based on what are the best shares, and what's most helpful for each individual and the group. We're truly lucky for our supportive core.

    We are active, well organized and all the things of an established group -

    but most importantly a it's super intergalactic community of helpful comrades. You can be a quiet type or talkative, as long as you're nice and reasonably contactable. While we don't fully shuffle squads each week, as a collaborative game we need to be in touch for basic fleet stuff.

    In-game chats are unreliable af so we use Discord where we have a Communications Array full of fleet and community STT resources, tips tricks bots and experienced mates happy to share info and answer all questions!

    If this sounds like your cup of prune juice raktajino or earl grey flavoured kombucha you can PM me here, but for fastest results, add me on Discord to apply: ForTheMany#1676

    Or you can find us via the Transwarp Conduit of our server: https://discord.gg/VfK6Xe7 and tap or right-click my name to message.

    Welcome 🖖
  • ·§ë· For the Many·§ë· For the Many ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited August 2019
    Bump! We seek active captains or squadrons to join us in our level 80 Starbase. Inquire on Discord at ForTheMany#1676 through https://discord.gg/A8gfRgc or here in DM for infos and space in our bases! 🖖
  • dzt4wj5k8vs0.jpg
    Good day Sir (trekfuture unisex officer usage)

    ✨ Are you an experienced competitive* captain, looking for a highly active officer cooperative full of fellow tapparitis sufferers – I mean – tapping enthusiasts, in a drama-free well oiled space machine with all the cheer and support to do your best, and also to relax whenever you feel like it?

    *generally very active for events, but up to you which ones you push for, no specific rank requirements. No spending requirements; we are VIP0 to VIP14+. Everyone is our own officer. If you go on a break/vacation let me know.

    ✨ Or are you a brand new player, seeking to grow with a long stable, helpful group of comrades with all the tools resources and experience to give you the very best start in your Timelines journey!

    ✨ Or are you a daily player of any level and any event activity casual to competitive, wanting a chill spot to dock and build?

    ✨ Add ForTheMany#1676 on Discord to apply or inquire about our maxed level 134 and growing level 83 Starbases!

    .. / .-- --- ..- .-.. -.. / .--. .-. . ..-. . .-. / -.-. --- -- -- ..- -. .. -.-. .- - .. -. --. / . -. - .. .-. . .-.. -.-- / .. -. / -- --- .-. ... . / -.-. --- -.. . / - .... .- -. / .. -. / --. .- -- . / -.-. .... .- - / - -... ....

    Why do we use https://discord.gg you may be wondering? Why are we based in a convenient Communications Array which can be used right in any browser on PC or Mac, or like an app on tablet or mobile, where we can access all manner of STT community and fleet stuff to enhance and streamline our play, when there already is a perfectly good* chat system in-game, where we can send any necessary transmissions across the galaxy!?

    Well. What if I told you that those in-game transmissions frequently disappear in spatial rifts and time bubbles before they're seen, and you end up like the duplicated Voyager crew who poofed undetectable into the cold vacuum of space after desperate attempts to make contact before the end. What if I told you that because of the stuff we can do on Discord and its reliability, that our fleet runs reliably too?

    *Perfectly good in-game chat system, if you like slowly typing on your phone into a void. Because that's where half your chats go. I am just saying. (DB I AM JUST SAYING.)
  • ·§ë· For the Many·§ë· For the Many ✭✭✭✭✭
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    🖖 Greetings! We've spots available:

    in our maxed level 134 Starbase. For event activity we finish in the top 10 in all event types. There is no requirement for rank in any particular event, and we all pick our own favourites. but looking for experienced player(s) who are generally very active.

    and in our level 96 Starbase for daily players of all captain levels! For event activity we're casual, active and competitive with fleet ranks in the 100's.

    Wherever you are in your STT journey we're here to help each other learn and meet your goals! We're a friendly intergalactic strategic resourceful and really awesome group based in our Discord server full of All The Things™. Social and quiet types welcome. We're all spend levels VIP0 to VIP14+.

    We're a very diverse group, from all over the galaxy, all walks of life, and differing views. We get along well without dramas in a common culture of respect! :smiley:

    DM or add me on Discord to apply at: ForTheMany#1676

  • ·§ë· For the Many·§ë· For the Many ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited January 2020
    .... .- .-.. .--. / .. / -... . / ..-. .-. --- --.. . / ...-- ----- / -.-- . .- .-. ...
    Hi, we have a few spots available between our bases!

    Maxed level 134, active and competitive event play.
    Level 105 base, daily players of all event activity casual to competitive.

    We all share a communications array on Discord full of All The Things.
    We are an officer collective.
    All fleet chrons + honour targets are met early every day in both Starbases.

    We're friendly strategic helpful drama free and no spending requirements. If you're a daily player, nice and have raktajino flavoured kombucha to share we want you aboard.

  • Bump!
    We have a spot or two available between our bases for daily active players. Build with us in our level 111 or cruise in our highly active maxed 134 base. Both bases make all fleet honour + chrons targets early each day. Recommended captain levels 50+ but open to enthusiastic newer players. We're super helpful strategic group, easy communication, no drama, friendly trekkies :relaxed:

    Send a DM here or add me to contact on Discord at: ForTheMany#1676
    You can also message me through our Transwarp Conduit: https://discord.gg/A8gfRgc
    Email: [email protected]
    LLAP 🖖
  • y9ga4dz8qgv3.jpg

    Hi forum land, we have a couple spots available in our two active Starbases levels 122 and maxed 134.

    In both Starbases we finish all fleet targets very early ever day. Care is taken for quality reliable crew sharing in every squadron.

    Whether you are a newer captain looking to develop your game with a helpful experienced crew, or an advanced event pro looking for a relaxed drama-free environment full of fellow active players to boost your efforts, we have a spot for you in our collective.

    Our main guidelines are to be good to one another, honourable play (no macros) and daily play. We all choose our own battles. No spending requirements. If going on a break just let me know. As in game chat is basically broken we mostly communicate on our Discord server full of STT resources and tools!

    If interested the fastest way to contact is there on Discord at: ForTheMany#1676
    Or message me through our Transwarp Conduit: https://discord.gg/A8gfRgc
    I check [email protected] and forum DM's ~once per day. :)

  • :star:bump:star: We have a couple availabilities in our bases 127 and 134. 🖖
  • Hello! We have a few spots available now in our maxed level 134 and level 131 starbases. For experienced very active event pIayers, and newer people seeking a great home to learn and grow!

    Or if you are brand new looking for a helpful environment to accompany you on your journey, or wish to play more casually, welcome to join us in our open level 69 starbase for event crew shares and raktajino flavoured kombucha. Cheers 🖖

    Discord: ForTheMany#1676
    Email: [email protected]
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