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  • RaraRacingRaraRacing ✭✭✭✭✭
    Shy Khan wrote: »
    Kilana - Dominion trait might be useful in a Dominion event? She's really easy to level and personally I'd have done so as soon as she dropped (last week for you) and we knew Dominion would give a bonus (+1000 DIP is not bad for shuttles as a 1/4 and who knows, she might be featured later).
  • Synthetic CommanderSynthetic Commander ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited August 2018
    I'm not sure why you said you'd like to get rid of Ba'ku worf, he's pretty decent security shuttle crew with much better stats than klingon quark, and MUCH easier to level. Unless maybe you need quark for the ferengi collection?

    easy airlock:
    Arex Na Eth (terrible stats, very unlikely event crew)
    Kilana (if you've only got her 1/4, depending on how many dominion crew you have it may not be worth trying to rapidly level her to use in some faction MEGA event shuttles, her skill combo is not rare)
    Klingon Quark (unless you need him for ferengi collection, though tough to level. quark was recent event variant so may not come up for a while, and his stats are lousy)

    Most others are not straightforward choices (all main crew) but more airlock options:
    Detective Dixon Hill (very recent event crew and terrible stats, so only potential is as a picard variant, and I'd probably only keep him if I had more than 1/4 in a slot crunch because he's useful for nothing but events)
    Drafted McCoy (poor medic stats compared to many others including other mccoys, but he's main crew and it's been a while since we had many TOS events, and also is part of physician collection)
    Undercover O'Brien (very dependent on your other crew, as sec/eng is not common in my crew, and he is a very good crit crew for arena/skirmish if that's important to you or the ship you use, but otherwise underwhelming stats)
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