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Chat Filter Set by Fleet

I would love to see the chat obscenity filter allowed to be set by the fleet leadership in the fleet chat area.

Fleets are doing a great job of building their unique personalities and policing their own members. However, despite the fact that a fleet may have been created for and populated by adults, the chat filter still censors even mild language. This takes away from the freedom to be able to speak freely in a way consistent with fleet membership. It would be nice if the fleet leadership could *choose* whether or not the language filter is turned on in fleet chat.

Because it would be nice for people to know the setting before accepting an invitation, it would be easy to warn users of the chat settings through a simple icon, or even the name of the fleet appearing in a non-default color. This way, acceptance into the fleet would be done with full knowledge of the filter settings.

Again, I feel that by allowing this change, you give more freedom for fleets to build and continue a core fleet "feel."
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