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Of Reading and Writing Star Trek Novels

I am an author. I absolutely love Star Trek. I have multiple projects that I am working on. I would like recommendations for Trek Novels and some writing tips. If anyone here is a writer, tell is about your work and be sure to give tips. No question is dumb, so ask away!
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    I consider myself a writer even if most of what I do is thinking about writing rather than doing actual writing. :p

    But once I have more free time for writing fiction (I am writing a thesis at the moment), I would love to pen that Star Trek series that I discussed in the "future of canon trek" thread. I've always wanted to write that idea out.
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  • I consider myself a writer even if most of what I do is thinking about writing rather than doing actual writing. :p

    That's Just how I am. LOL

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  • 2 words : assimilated universe .

  • I would like recommendations for Trek Novels

    Any Trek book you can find.
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    I recently bought a ST novel collection with 300 books- I love ´em
  • I have been reading the novel Hard Rain. Love a new Dixon Hill/holodeck safeties off story.
  • I love to write, but I'm not very good at it. :P

    I haven't read many of the Star Trek novels, either, my only access to them is through my library's interlibrary loan and it can take a lot of time, haha. There are so many that I'd love to read, though! The ones I have read are mostly DS9 books. :') Some of Una McCormack's books!
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    It's kinda funny you bring this up, because I've been considering participating in NaNoWriMo next month. I did it once before, back in 2011. I liked what I wrote well enough that I revised and self-published it. I've wanted to write another, and even had a vague outline for one, but each time I tried to get it started, it just wasn't there. One of the things I've been tinkering with lately is trying my hand at fanfic. I've never had any interest in writing, or even reading, fanfic so this is out of character for me. There's something about TOS storytelling that has really appealed to me a lot the last year or so, though, and I think it could be fun to play in that sandbox. I dunno. I haven't committed to anything as yet.

    As for Trek novel recommendations, I have a few. They're out of date because I stopped reading them ages ago, but...

    Star Trek "The Ashes of Eden" by William Shatner with Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens
    Star Trek "Bloodthirst" by J.M. Dillard
    Star Trek "Prime Directive" by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens
    Star Trek: The Next Generation "Imzadi" by Peter David
    Star Trek: The Next Generation "Q-in-Law" by Peter David
  • I dabble a bit in writing but am not good at it either. Other suggestions are Q Squared, Enterprise the first adventure, Probe, and The Return. I found a pile at a local book store and most are post DS9/Voy. I guess it depends on the genre and which series you would base it off of. My story encompasses all series to a point, mixing crew, and even an appearance by Kelvin universe now. Just too much for ideas not enough time to actually write it.
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    I dont consider myself a writer, but yeah I am a good reader at all, I have a huge collection of different novels, and currently, I am reading Stealing words by Karl Schroeder, Its a wise and generous novel that holds out a hope we desperately need, I mostly buy my novels and all related books from , plz tell me about your favorite novel name.
  • I have a fair amount of amateur writing/reading under my belt, but I'm certainly no expert. The best advice I can give to anybody delving into fan fiction is, focus upon something specific that you can feel passionate about. Given how vast the Star Trek universe is, it's very easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of it all. So pick out one or two things that particularly resonate with you, be they novels, comics, films, TV episodes, whatever. Then run with it, spitballing ideas about what more could (or should) be added to the material. Maybe expanding upon the current settings/events, or devising a backstory/prequel, or extrapolating a possible future/sequel...your imagination will be engaged on multiple levels, because of your emotional connection to the subject matter.

    Although having passion and enthusiasm is important, it still behooves you to remain conscious of the technical aspects of writing. This may go without saying, but correct grammar and syntax go a long ways towards your readers' enjoyment. Thoroughly researching your subject matter is also crucial, even more so within a sci-fi setting as detailed as Star Trek. While nobody expects you to become well-versed in warp field theory, you'll still want to fact-check yourself on any key story elements you decide to include (I'd recommend consulting Memory Alpha: https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Portal:Main ). On a related note, look into whether other writers have already written additional material about your chosen topic. Other writers' works should never stop you from developing your own ideas...but you'll want to avoid stepping on their toes by contradicting their ideas.

    Hope some of this helps, and good luck to you!
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