Looking for Airlocking Suggestions

Good day!
As a non-paying player, the time has come for me to purge several of my 1 star super-rare crew for some valuable crew space. I welcome your suggestions in selecting at least 5 for that eternal cold nap in the vacuum of space.
All crew listed are mostly unleveled unless otherwise stated.

Maquis Ro Laren
EV Suit Tucker
Robin Hood
Blood Oath Jadzia Dax
Colonel Karr
The President of Earth
Rianna Mayweather - 70
Duchamps - 60
Holonovel Doctor - 30
Mirror Janeway - 20
Ba'Ku Worf
MIrror Archer
Human Q
Princess Jadzia
Captain Janeway
Doctor La Forge
KDF Gowron
Edith Keeler
Detective Dixon Hill
Kazon Seska
Tuskegee Mayweather
Age of Sail La Forge
Combat Medic Paris
Captain Proton Paris
Warship Yar


  • Data1001Data1001 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited July 2018
    Imo, the following can make their way out the airlock with little fanfare, and they will not be missed.
    • Maquis Ro Laren (I love Ro, but this card is unfortunately just not that great)
    • Colonel Karr
    • Rianna Mayweather - 70 (even though she's level 70, at 1/4 I'd say cut your losses and cut her loose)
    • KDF Gowron
    • Edith Keeler
    • Kazon Seska

    You'll notice none of the above are main cast characters, who I normally put more emphasis on keeping, personally. Not that being main cast makes them automatically great — but some of the others can eventually be star players in your roster, depending on who else you have, so these are keepers (although aside from the ones I mention being strong in Gauntlet, you may want to wait to level them until you get more stars on them):
    • Combat Medic Paris (for his MED)
    • Princess Jadzia (for the double whammy of ENG and SCI)
    • Antaak (Klingon MED is very rare, and he is quite handy even at 1/4, because he is a Gauntlet star)
    • Ba'ku Worf (nice SEC when FF)
    • Holo Doc (good for MED and handy for Voyages, which often have a holo trait in that skill slot)
    • Robin Hood (like Ba'ku Worf, crazy good SEC for a 4 when FF)
    • Lal (killer ENG when FF)
    • President of Earth (depending on your roster, could be nice for Gauntlet, and when FF is good for Voyages)

    Could you please continue the petty bickering? I find it most intriguing.
    ~ Data, ST:TNG "Haven"
  • OlokinOlokin ✭✭
    Thank you @Data1001
    Those you’ve identified for potential killer crew made me see them in a different light.
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