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Star Trek: The Future of Trek. Version 2


This is the updated version of the first survey that we sent out just over a week ago. By popular demand there were some result included as well as additional options for a few of the questions, a different format to those we had, as well as some changes to bring about a bit more hard data.

While we hope it will go far, we don't know if it will, so we ask for your help. Please take the Survey if you are interested. All questions are optional and we hope that making it so, we can at least get data on those you are interested in as much as we are.

Thank you.

Star Trek: The Future of Trek: Version 2 Link:

Star Trek: The Future of Trek. Version 1 Results:


  • Great Survey. I enjoyed it alot. I hope there are more yet to come. You could also do more specific surveys that focus on things like the ships/stations only or ones about Alien Races and how they play a part. That way people can me as specific as they want
    Proud Member of Everlong and avid Star Trek Fan

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