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VIP, Honor, factions and credits

Any plans to expand the VIP rewards? I'm sitting at level 14 with enough points to be level 15 as I'm sure that others are.

Any plans to add more rare or supreme rare crew to the Honor Hall? I already purchased Picard and Kahless. I thought that Kahless would always be there for purchase. Maybe have different super rare crew for purchase weekly or daily. Even make crew that can only be found in the honor hall. Give us a reason to spend honor points. Make chronitrons available for purchase there as well.

Lastly, give rewards for reaching honored status with shuttle factions. Dilithium, extra antimatter, chronitrons, rare items or crew (for that faction). Some sort of initiative to shuttle missions, other than for the daily honor or to be a completionist!

Also, how about something useful to spend credits on (other than the basic crew packs) and completing items for crew. Again, can we purchase chronitrons with credits in addition to being able to buy with dilithium. Or a way to convert credits to some other forms of in game currency.

These changes may help to keep people (especially new players) interested in playing the game!

Thanks for listening.


  • I don't think they'll add more VIP levels. I remember people asked for it since day 1 all the time and DB haven't done so far, so I cannot imagine they'll do it now. Although it would be an very appreciated addition to value their top spenders.
  • To be fair, 14 is a strange number to end on, so perhaps they have plans for extending the VIP levels, but have not decided on what rewards to grant for those above what we have now just yet.
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  • OMG I am sitting at 298750...haha I should be level I don’t know 25 by now. I don’t care if they gave us nothing more then what VIP 14 has except more then 5 replicator rations a day. wooo...wouldn’t that be nice.
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