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A quiet day aboard the Mr Blue Sky today...

My fleet and I are having a blast in Voyages, sharing our various ship names - some serious, others... not so much. LOL Some I've used: the Tesseract, the Syzygy, the Black Widow, the Scarlet Witch, the Valar Morghulis, the Hooked on a Feeling, the Wham-Bam-Shang-a-Lang...

I'd love it if we could also name our main ship. That little window in Fleets, where we can see someone's profile, ship and crew? Where it says "commanding _______" --- that's just crying out for a name other than "Borg sphere 878" or "Defiant-Class Ship".

There's so much creativity (not to mention comedy gold) in the various captain names, and ship names promise even more fun! :-D
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