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Countdown timer for Adwarps.

Adwarps are about 30 minutes apart. They generate revenue for DB, and you want us to watch more ads.

Put a timer on the main screen showing the time until the next adwarp is available. Make it red with a countdown when an adwarp has been used in the last 30 minutes, and green with a thumbs up when an adwarp can be used.

It would allow players to time things like collecting our free 20 chrons, doubling up rewards on expensive missions, or adwarping a final scan just before bed.

DB wins because players will use more adwarps.


  • Banjo1012Banjo1012 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I totally dig this idea. Another plus for DB is I will log in a little more frequently if I know exactly when I can do an ad warp
  • Seconded and thirded. And now with the added confusion of new ad warp options (that INTERFERE with each other) it would REALLY help to be able to time out, "so if I double the rewards on this thing I'll have to wait an extra half hour to spin Dabo again and one hour later I can... Etc"
  • This sounds like a good idea
  • Where I would ESPECIALLY like an adware timer is in the Dabo Wheel...so I don’t get through watching an ad only to have an error message come up saying that I’d already used my ad-obtained free spin for the day. How in the tinykitty are you supposed to remember when you used it so that you will know when 24+ hours has passed?! (My solution at present: use it only every second day. Not the best, but means I’m not wasting an adwarp.)
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