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Enough with the teasing, already!

Every single Skirmish save one, as an apology, the thresholds have finally included ship schematics (which is awesome) but fall 25 short of building the new 5*.
I now have three 5* ships (including the upcoming Valdore) and one 3* that are sitting so damn close to building I can taste it - but it just isn't gonna happen for a long long time.
I get it, the idea is to drive sales on the portal. But really, if I definitely can't build the 5* anyway and you're putting several upgrades-worth out for the 2*, why not just skip the schematics for the 5* ENTIRELY and double down on 2* schematics so I can actually USE at least ONE of the ships?
My Miranda is in the museum of lost causes. My Jem'hadar battleship is pretty, but useless. I don't even HAVE a Breen ship, and now I'm getting a warbird that "could" rival the K'vort but isn't getting enough levels to even try it for a very long time.

I love Skirmishes, really, I do. But the schematics rewards need a real overhaul.


  • Banjo1012Banjo1012 ✭✭✭✭✭
    And buying packs for the schematics does not come with a guarantee event ship so no, I won’t pull ten to get 100 lousy schematics
  • Hah, fair point. I don't have the option in the first place so that didn't even occur to me.
  • Its kind of standard. Is it any different than having 3 copies of a character - instead of 4 - when you achieve threshold? Guess you better buy a pack to get that 4th copy...so you can FF/FE. Silly marketing
  • DavideBooksDavideBooks ✭✭✭✭✭
    Its kind of standard. Is it any different than having 3 copies of a character - instead of 4 - when you achieve threshold? Guess you better buy a pack to get that 4th copy...so you can FF/FE. Silly marketing

    Yes, but fully fusing a crew is way easier than fully fusing a ship. You can't buy generic schematics in the honor hall and apply them to the ship of your choice.

    ...but that would be a good idea. Feel free to make it so, DB.
  • In addition to that, sometimes even a 3/4 has a use. And even if you only get 1/4, no matter how crappy they are, you CAN use them. An unbuilt ship 25 schematics from lvl 1 is literally nothing. It doesn't even exist yet.
    Leaving out the last fusion of a person is sometimes a nuisance, but it doesn't make the effort of obtaining three copies a total waste. We're all going to mash through hours of the same damn battles hundreds of times over the next four days so we can achieve... People. Not very good people. And some pretty pictures of a ship that only paying players will be able to fly. Getting the Valdore schematic thresholds is literally going to be wasted effort.
  • Dirk GundersonDirk Gunderson ✭✭✭✭✭
    It would be nice if schematics were for ship components rather than being unique to a ship. That way, you would need X number of warp core schematics, photon torpedo launcher schematics, grav plating schematics, and so on for each level of each ship. The number of schematics required would be relatively few for 1* ships and would be higher for higher rarity levels.

    If DB still wants some measure of exclusivity when it comes to new ships, put out a Thursday offer for a “master plan” for each new ship being introduced, where said master plan would be required to apply any schematics to said ship. $10 might be low enough to get people to bite, knowing they could eventually get to level 10 without having to spend much, much more than that on the dumb schematics packs or through random portal drops. After a year, DB could make ships available to a wider audience by putting master plans into the Dabo wheel or just another special offer at half price. If someone doesn’t like said ship(s) or doesn’t want to clog up the ship interface any more than it already is, they don’t have to buy thrnoffer.

    Arena rewards could still be schematics but have a different kind for each division.
  • That's an interesting idea in theory, but I could see it getting a little convoluted. Maybe a similar approach would be something like the new reclamators in the starbase with ship schematics selection available to officers.
    For example, the officer's determine that more people in the fleet need ISS Enterprise schematics, so they select that type. For, let's say, 10,000 components of two basic types and 5,000 transparent Aluminum, everyone in the fleet collects a certain amount of schematics depending on ship rarity (maybe 50 for 2*, 100 for 3*, 200 for 4*, and 400 for 5*).
    It wouldn't be a crazy jump in schematics, but it wouldn't cost much either.
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