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While DB can save the Legendary Tokens for special rewards or concessions, I think other levels of the Voyage Token should be available like the shuttle time boosts. We should be able to get these in the general portal, or maybe after 8 hour voyages they drop 2% of the time or some such...

I want to become a Dilionaire...


  • As long as we can choose when to use it. There are times I just miss my recall and have only extended because I don't want to give up. If I had access to these, I would save them until I wanted to run a long voyage, but as it is I don't think you can choose when they are in inventory.
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  • Obviously, yes, that needs to be fixed. If they put a space like the shuttle boost next to the button to revive, (to add which revival token you want) that would solve it.
    I want to become a Dilionaire...
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