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Voyage tickets

So I was a bit surprised the other day, I accidentally left a voyage go too long, and it die out about 3 seconds from the end (of course) O.o but I was going to spend the token bit of dilithium to get it going again, however, the option wasn't there .. instead it only presented me with using a voyage ticket.

Now, DB seems to have a knack for implementing similar things differently in the game, and this is looking like another ...

(other examples: choosing # of items to give to replicator = nice scroll bar. vs choosing # of trainers = mini game of holding button down ... search filters and sorting for crew ... but nothing for ships ... stats available in crew .. but not in cryo .. )

anyway, to the point ..

If we take a quick peek at the Dabo wheel .. we see the option to spend to buy a reroll .. OR the option to watch an ad for a reroll ..

one does not exclude the other. So if you have the intent to spend .. you can spend a bit first (while the price is low) .. then watch an ad, for another reroll once the price is "too high" ..

but voyage is not like that ... if you have voyage tickets, you MUST use them first .. you do not have the option to spend some dilithium first .. and save those tickets for a time when you really want to save or work on a longer run ?

Is there any particular reason ? Or is this just typical DB "reasons" .. :)


  • I have noticed that on the dabo wheel also. If it is a "free" spin it shouldn't change the price of the next paid spin.
    Starfleet Commission: August 12, 2017
  • DittoDitto ✭✭✭
    edited November 2018
    I have noticed that on the dabo wheel also. If it is a "free" spin it shouldn't change the price of the next paid spin.

    yeah, which is why I suspect it'll do the same to voyage .. ie increase the price .. if so, I'd rather use my "free" tokens .. later than sooner . :)

    it'd be nice if DB verified this at least ..
    it'd be nicer if they allowed us to use our voyage tickets when we wanted .. :)

    just realized, even the new shuttle request tickets keep them seperate from option to speed up shuttles .. although they are arguably a bit different .. it's the same basic principle :)
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