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Missing Crew from Manifest

So earlier this year, 2 of my frozen 2* crew disappeared. I am not sure how DB keeps trakc of these thing on individual accounts, (if at all) so I keep ridiculously accurate records of everything I do in this game.

CS were awesome, and got them back quickly, but I had to re-level and freeze them again. (A major pain back then with limited crew slots.)

Today I was reading a forum thread and going to post how I only had one Purple left to obtain. I went to take a screenshot of my vault and there were 2 MISSING PURPLE CREW!

I submitted a new CS ticket, and hopefully they will take care of it like last time, but I did note something of possible correlation between these events.

Right before the first time, I had just leveled and frozen 2 duplicate crew. This was the first time I had done that. THe crew I duplicated & froze were NOT the same as the ones that went missing, but they were of the same rarity.

A couple days ago, I leveled & immortalized (but NOT froze) 2 duplicate crew – both purple.

The crew that went missing were NOT dupes, both recent additions from the past few months, and only had 3/4 *s. Now I am thinking we need a way to see how many duplicates in the vault is a much more needed function than I originally proposed!

I know there have been other threads and probably a few/lot of people who had this happen and did NOT report it.
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  • I've never had a duplicate but had Icheb disappear from the deep freeze a few months back so it may be other causes as well
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  • I suppose I've also lost someone from the vault. I have a discrepancy of 6 between the number in the achievements and the one in the vault. One is probably due to the bug that happened when they upgraded the immortalization achievement and three are due to duplicates, but that still leaves me with two that I have no explanation for. The problem is, I have no idea who could have disappeared :(
  • I am missing dominion dukat from the vault. CS has not been helpful
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  • I find it appalling that ANY game designer would let bugs like this happen. If any of the giants like Electronic Arts, Rockstar Games, Blizzard etc., had dropped the ball like this, they would stand to lose millions in revenue.

    While my record keeping for this game was borne out of love for the game, and wanting to keep track of my progress, it has now become obvious that it would have manifested out of necessity anyway at some point.

    If you guys have not seen the threads for this, jump in, all of the spreadsheets and mini-apps to assist with this game are invaluable!


    *Assistance for Players* - Spreadsheets, Help Sites, Lists

    Basically go to the Ready Room for a lot of great resources!

    As this and many other players experiences suggest – keep track and do screenshots of everything about once a month or so...
    I want to become a Dilionaire...
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