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Making Inventory Searchable and/or Alphabetized

I'm not someone overly familiar with what you can/can't do in coding a game...

But with all my heart and soul, all I'm asking for this holiday season is for DB to make meaningful, useful changes to the structure and use of game inventory.

I'm stockpiling chrons and pre-farming for a Top position run in a future galaxy. But trying to keep track of how many of each Galaxy-relevant Item/Equipment I have is, 2+ years into the existence of the game, still largely a "scroll & see." Please, please, please, can we add at least either a search function or the ability to sort everything alphabetically, much like there is for crew?

There are 594 crew in the game, more than halfway to the total number of "unique inventory items" a captain is allowed to have (1,000). There has to be a relatively simple way to have the Inventory searchable in the same way as Crew Quarters.
[GoT] Drunk Shimoda
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