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Marking items for replicator fuel

It can be very frustrating trying to get items cleaned out and used up in the replicator. Please add either a way to simply discard items or an easier way to identify items for use in the replicator. It can be tricky to do this given that you can't see an item's full name while putting it in for fuel if you only have one and that many items look similar to other useful items (such as Wesley's wedding toast and champagne). Much like we have favoriting for crew, perhaps a "favorite" option for items that will auto populate the next replication with items from that list? That would make it much easier to keep the item clutter down and have those items be used in a helpful manner.


  • If they changed the slider bar to start at zero instead of 1 to select items, there would be a screen that showed the item icon. This icon is touchable/clickable and allows you to see the item description.
  • I agree Lucky. Clearing out the excess rubbish from your inventory can be a significant time-sink. If Bedhead Riker's suggestion would work I would certainly be in favour of it! Being able to mark the items in the in the inventory would be preferable, though.
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    I’d like to be able to hold my finger on the item and be told what it is prior to using it as fuel. If you could mark items for fuel in the other screen, that would be nice.
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  • I agree, I hate guessing what it is based on the picture, thinking its some orphan gear for a green crew that I got in an event, that I already had maxed out and immortalised.
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