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Crew did not show up after event

Hi. Today/yesterday the event the crew didn't show up in my quarters.
The game made me restart for them to show up. Never seen this before.
That was a pretty serious bug, since it was a rare opportunity to try for First to Max.
Why would this have happened, and what's the likelihood it'll happen again?


  • If you do not receive something in game it is always best to restart, especially if the game has been running for a long time.

    The forced restart that occurred earlier was unrelated to this.
  • I did restart, but that nullified my chance for First to Max. If I get the opportunity again at sometime in the future I'll be sure to restart my game before the end in preparation. Thanks. I hadn't know about this issue before and that opportunity for me is part of going for high rank.

    Yeah I was referring to restarting it yesterday to get the crew to show up, not today.

    The forced restart from today I think caused a voyage dilemma to be missing. (restarted several times, still no dilemma - voyage continued as usual otherwise)
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