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Error when trying to create squad (multiple users)

[7TW] UnkieB[7TW] UnkieB ✭✭✭✭✭
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We have multiple users getting an error when trying to create squads as our fleet gets ready for tomorrows event start. These folks have never had problems in the past and this isn't some kind of naming error (the names pass okay). Anyone else having this problem, any ideas? Multiple restarts and using different devices have no effect.



  • Hmm just a hunch but could players experiencing this try to remove the special characters in their Captain name and then try again?
  • AmphistaffAmphistaff ✭✭✭✭✭
    Someone in my fleet had a similar sounding issue and put in a ticket, the response was "I have reset the fleet eligibility in your account and you should now be able to create a squadron." No clue what this means but it might be a short term fix. He does use a non-traditional character in the fleet tag.
  • We're having this issue. Several members have attempted to create squads, with and without any special characters in captain or squad names. But my admiral account was able to create a new squad and I've got special characters in both.
  • Adding to the group, I was unable to create a squadron last night either. I was attempting to use hyphens in the squadron name, so that could have been it, but I just gave up altogether.
  • So make sure to submit a ticket but please provide more information here:
    - exact name of the player trying to create the squad
    And anything else you might think of.
    You can also provide me with your DBID if you are affected, via PM.
  • Could you also tell me what role the members affected have, officer, member?
  • We found the issue, stay tuned.
  • Shan wrote: »
    Could you also tell me what role the members affected have, officer, member?

    Yes, it was only my Admiral account which was able to create a new squad. Everyone else wasn't able to. (everyone in our fleets is an Officer)
  • This should now be fixed!
    Please try again (restart your game for good measure, just in case).
    And let me know :)
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