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Game Crashing During Event (Shall I Compare Thee)

Just tonight, my game has crashed four times while grinding at this galaxy event. I have never had this issue before and I have also noticed that the game seems sluggish at times. I also had fleetmates agree that something seems awry.

Anyone else having this issue?


  • I experienced crashes as well lately, over several platforms, fireHD8, ipadPro. Really seems that since the last update something is messed.
  • I play on two different devices, and got in the zone with my first. When I saw that I had not on my second I recalled not playing on it so played and when I got the first tier got huge rewards. I got the rewards that i had claimed in my previous one Q, Zimmerman, stamets and the portal pull.
    So the situation corrected itself for me.
  • edited February 2019
    By this I mean won anything when it said claimed and I had not.
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