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Task Force April [TFA] is now recruiting! [Active community, MAX Starbase]



  • Got it - Thank you!
  • Hi! My husband and I are both looking for a new fleet. We would like to join since you guys are “low drama” and friendly. We are both active/daily players (probably a little too much ;) ). Are there still 2 openings? We can join by tomorrow night, if you can keep the spots open until then. If so, do I just search for Task Force April when we leave our current fleet?

    Thank you!
  • Somehow, we have a vacancy, despite being the best fleet in the game.


    Thanks, Riker. Glad to see you could take a break from skeezing on the hot new ensign at Conn. At any rate, if you are a motivated, friendly captain looking for a good home, we want you! Please read the original post in this thread and get in touch if you are interested in joining us. We look forward to hearing from you!
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    Awesome fleet!
  • We’re currently recruiting for two slots. Reply here or send me a PM if you are interested in taking your STT game to the next level with us!
    First Officer - Task Force April
    Squadron Leader - [TFA] Bateson’s Bulldogs
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    Ello there. It's recently occurred to me that the fleet I'm in has slowly died off, the commander hasn't been around for weeks, and well over half the people in the fleet are called Captain!
    Looking around, I was wondering if you'd accept me into your fleet? I've been playing (daily!) since April 2016, mostly F2P (though I have invested in a couple of monthly passes...)
    My activity does wax and wane a bit, depending on my workload, but I do participate in every event. I aim to finish in the top 10k, and almost always do - in Skirmishes in particular I will finish happily in the top 1k - 1.5k.

    (Oh yes, in case it matters, I'm level 70, 253 crew members immortalised)
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    You sound like you would be a great addition to our fleet! If you can give me your exact player handle I can try to find you in game to send an invite (you’ll have to leave your current fleet first). Other options are to request membership in Task Force April through the fleet interface, or PM me your DBID so I can find you that way. I look forward to welcoming you aboard!


    First Officer - Task Force April
    Squadron Leader - [TFA] Bateson’s Bulldogs
  • Wonderful, have applied (hopefully to the right one!) and sent you a PM :)
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    Riker: Thanks for your application to TFA. As you know, we're an organization characterized by only the highest standards, so expect this interview to be a real nut buster.


    Wesley: Yeah!

    Picard: Shut up, Wesley!

    Jono: Uhhh...is this where I order dr---

    Riker: Question number one. I get to ask it because I'm number one.

    Picard: Actually, Deanna was telling me during one of our...private counseling sessions that lately, you've been a real number two.


    Riker: That's funny. But since you've decided to start drinking from the town well, make sure you tell Beverly she needs to replicate more of the special ointment she gives me for my rash.

    Picard: Picard to O'Brien, one for emergency transport to sickbay!

    Jono: Uhhh...


    Riker: Oh, yeah. The interview. Let's see. OK, you're leading an away team on a survey mission. You beam down and head through a thick jungle, led by tricorder readings which indicate the presence of a substantially endowed dilithium deposit. You start getting so hot and bothered that you slip and fall down a cliff, hit your head, and black out. When you come to, there's no sign of your away team, your combadge and equipment are missing, you're tied up in all the right ways, and you are in what appears to be a rudimentary settlement populated exclusively by an all-female race of lecherous, sultry, scantily-clad amazonians. Their stunningly attractive leader, surrounded by her many equally attractive handmaidens, informs you that your arrival was foretold in a prophecy and that you are destined to bring them enlightenment through your mastery of great acts of physical pleasure. We're talking the really freaky, 5 on 1, all holes kind of stuff. Then they begin a ritual dance utilizing the hut's vertical supports while removing their clothes. Now, what course of action does the Prime Directive dictate, and on a scale of 1-10, how important is that really? Also, in case you've got more of a hands on style, I have all these interview questions available as holodeck programs, too. Just wanted to put that out there.


    Jono: This is season 1 weird. Look, I only wanted to order a Jack and Coke and stare out the window for a while, so if you could *please* just leave me alone, and---why in the fresh hell is this table shaking???


    Jono: I'm out of here, #$%^ this bar.

    Riker: Sorry, job interviews just get me so excited...

    Wesley: SIR, WHAT THE---

    Picard (over communicator): **Shut up, Wesley!**

    First Officer - Task Force April
    Squadron Leader - [TFA] Bateson’s Bulldogs
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    Task Force April [TFA] is recruiting! Ditch your old, awkward fleet where you might never be able to look anyone else in the eye ever again, and join our team today! Details are provided in the first post of the topic.
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    Squadron Leader - [TFA] Bateson’s Bulldogs
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    Beverly: Jean-Luc, I need something. I need something real bad.


    Picard: Is it a drink? Because we just got done with another goddamn Ferengi episode, and I need to black the #@$% out.


    Beverly: No, silly. What I need is a big, strong fleet. One that can take charge of events and fill up all of my daily activity targets. You have any idea where I can find one of those, cowboy?


    Picard: As a matter of fact, Task Force April [TFA] is recruiting! They're looking for one exceptional candidate to fill an opening in their roster. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to captain-ing.



    Worf: Christ. I need to find a real job. Maybe something less [email protected]#$%, like a space station gig or whatever.

    First Officer - Task Force April
    Squadron Leader - [TFA] Bateson’s Bulldogs
  • [TFA] Celeres[TFA] Celeres ✭✭✭✭
    TFA is still looking for some quality recruits to fill a few slots. Inquire here!
    First Officer - Task Force April
    Squadron Leader - [TFA] Bateson’s Bulldogs
  • I am currently in Spain Division, with little player activity. Would be interested in moving fleets, but cannot see TFA in my options.
  • [TFA] Celeres[TFA] Celeres ✭✭✭✭
    Are you stranded in an inactive fleet? Let TFA come to your rescue, after 10 months of unnecessary suffering!

    First Officer - Task Force April
    Squadron Leader - [TFA] Bateson’s Bulldogs
  • [TGE] GTMET[TGE] GTMET ✭✭✭✭✭
    Just a reminder that we still have a few openings for anyone looking for a Maxed starbase and great community! Just send a message to either Celeres or Me!
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    What was that!!!!

    It was a bump captain.....
  • Just joined and already I'm back and established in the top 750 of events, the max starbase is really helping me to do well in the gauntlet, and my overall interaction level with the game is very high, thanks to having a great team around me. This is a very good fleet and I recommend anyone who wants to take their game up to the next to join us, we have a few spots spare for active captains.
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    Data: It is time for poker. As they say in the old earth films, firmly grasp your glutei maximi.


    Riker: Deanna, can I 'firmly grasp' yours instead?


    Worf: Watch it, Commander. She's romantically involved with me, even though I'm emotionally stunted, sexually repressed, and categorically terrible with women. Come to think of it, I also have dysfunctional relationships with my entire family, too.


    Geordi: You gotta admit, if we weren't living in a luxury post-scarcity space communism, it'd be a genius way to save on your therapy bills.


    Data: Please detain your equi, we are starting now. The game is 5 card stud, jokers are wild, and---[HISS]


    Jellico: May I join you?



    Riker: No.



    Jellico: Now wait a rooty-toot-tootin' minute! This episode isn't over until the end of the 4th duty shift, dagnabbit! *Nobody* turns down me, Edward-stinking-Jellico. The guy who single-handedly provided the inspiration for Dr. Scholl's "I'm gellin'!" campaign. I AM SO MISUNDERSTOOD.


    Troi: Well, you could always join Task Force April [TFA]. They're currently looking for a few awesome captains to fill their ranks. They have a maxed out starbase and a lot of helpful, active, players. Though they don't really expect a certain...formality on the bridge.


    Jellico: Gee, do you really think I could hack it there? I hear they're a pretty swell fleet.


    Troi: I believe in you, sir. And truth be told, Will's fleet is kind of a dumpster fire in comparison. His management style involves getting uncomfortably close and leaning over everybody, asking if they want to rub his beard. And he always forces my harassment claims to arbitration. Come to think of it, maybe I should join TFA, too.


    Jellico: Not dressed like that, you're not. Put on some darn clothes!

    Troi: I don't understand, I already changed into my unif---


    Jellico: Come now, Counselor. I think we both know you can do better.



    First Officer - Task Force April
    Squadron Leader - [TFA] Bateson’s Bulldogs
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    Buuuuuump!!!!! If you haven’t experienced the awesomeness of Celeres posts, do yourself a favor: read the above post and join our awesome fleet!
  • DID IT!
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