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Almost unable to join fleets (via Steam only)

If you enter the fleet search overview, you can only join the fleets that are displayed on the screen. If you scroll down the list of fleets that are recruiting, all buttons to join the fleet are greyed out even if all requirements are fulfilled. If you scroll back up to the fleets you were previously able to join, they become greyed out as well.
This happens only with the Steam game client, on mobile everything works fine.
[GER - SF] Star Fleet - recruiting active captains with event participation. Our Starbase is level 134 and we use the Line App (optional) for spam, bragging, jokes, motivation and sharing tactics. German language.


  • GaldranGaldran ✭✭✭
    Probably related to the issue where we can't change our fleet level requirement.

    someone broke the fleets bad with the last update.
  • edited March 2019
    Agree Galdran!! Really broke!! Please see forum thread on "Fleet Not Keeping Level Requirement."
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