Who Holds the Voyage Record For No Refresh?



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    Paladin 27 wrote: »
    To maximize your chance at 10 hours, the most important thing is getting the two featured skills both between 12000-12500 and maximizing the total of the other skills. In general the distribution of the tertiaries may impact the variance of times, but should not impact average time much.

    If you have two skills at 12k and the others below 7k, at the 6 hour mark you need 1300 or so am to guarantee 8 (average used in 2 hours passing featured and failing others is 900-1000). if it doesn’t have that check back in before hour 8.

    Same thing at 8 hours, you’ll want 750 am left to have a chance at 10 hours, 900-1000 for a even money proposition and 1300 to be very sure of it.

    This is really helpful.

    I would imagine, 12K/12K/xK would always net more than 1300 AM at 6h, unless you possibly don't hit any traits at all and start out on a 1* ship :smile:

    Looks like 10h send-and-forget-Voyages are still a long way to go for me. As probably most people, my roster is strongest in CMD/DIP/SEC combinations, where I could comfortably achieve a 11K/10K/5K split. I will have to do some tinkering, if sacrificing tertiary skills and aiming for 12K primary ones will produce better results.

    I am right in the same target zone as you are. I consistently get 8.5 hours, occasionally 9+ with 11K+/11K+ seeming to be my highest. (I did get a 12K/13K the other day for the first time, but the rest were 5k/3k/2k/2k/1k ish). That Voyage surprised me and didn't even make it to 8:15. And yet, some that have like 9k/8k/6k/5k/4k/4k/3k/3k - more evenly spread will still hit over 8 hours. I guess there is a lot to think about with the RNG.

    I have noticed that any time you put in a 2-skill crew, even if they are super high skill and even FF, not having that 3rd skill will hurt the voyage overall.

    Yeah Voyages are tricky. You only really need 11k and above for past 9 hrs. The big thing is having lots of am when you get to 8 hrs and to do that you need to pass enough hazards along the way. You never want below 3k for any skill for the long voyages if you can help it, certainly not more than 1 skill below 3000. For my ten hr voyages I find best is about 11,500-12,000 for primary and secondary skills and an average of 4,500 or more for the rest. You never want your primary or secondary above 12,500 to achieve 10 hrs as 12,500 will pass almost every hazard.
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    It wouldn't be a forum if the topic didn't go off the rails from time to time.
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    Got a little closer to that 11 hour goal!x053o1xuawiq.png
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    Just hit my own PB. Not bad since I wasn't even sure if it was going to hit 10 hours.

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    robownage wrote: »
    Just hit my own PB. Not bad since I wasn't even sure if it was going to hit 10 hours.


    Wow! That’s awesome! I just came to post my new one. You got me by one minute!w5td2z9avf85.png

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    No record for single voyage without a refill, but five out of my last six voyages got to ten hours.
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    Still climbing to 11 hours7sl5oaqahomr.png
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    robownage wrote: »
    Just hit my own PB. Not bad since I wasn't even sure if it was going to hit 10 hours.


    VERY NICE. You had RNG on your side for sure. I sent out a very similar stat Voyage the other day and barely cleared 9 hours.
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  • 11h 34min , the shittiest voyage i ever had...
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  • Getting closer..... that last 10 minutes are brutal

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