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Squad chat

I know the in game chat has issues that have existed for a long time.
They seem worse the last week or two, to the point my squad is complaining and questioning moving our discussions to a secondary source.

Blank/black screen
No indicator for new msg while online
Some msg not posting
Posted msg not being seen by all members until restart

Anyone else having increased probs?


  • 10F uses discord. It's fab. Screenshots and everything.

    My training fleet uses discord and game chat. The main chat is alright. I haven't recieved any msgs on squad chat but i don't normally. Is it just squad chat that's giving issues? Is main fleet chat OK?
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  • No. Squad chat is worse, but main chat and officer chat is blank/black sometimes as well. Just seems worse last few weeks. Thanks for info.
  • We use Line so much better.
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